Junior Face Mask


  • SGS tested: ASTM Level 2 PFE & BFE ≥ 98%
  • Triple protection, inner and outer PP non-woven fabric, middle N99 filter layer
  • Effectively reduce droplet spread and filter most of the dust in the air
  • The metal clip is easy to adjust, it provides good fitting to the shape of your face
  • High breathability, light weight, soft ear band, comfortable and good for daily use
  • The fabric is soft and skin-friendly, no odor
  • Suitable for junior and women (thinner)
  • Individually packed



(Length)145 mm X (Width) 90 mm


PP non-woven and N95 filter layer


Bacterial filtration efficiency: BFE≧98% (ASTM 2101 Level 1 & 2); Particulate filtration efficiency: PFE≧98% (ASTM F2299 Level 1 & 2); Synthetic Blood Penetration: Pass at 80 & 120mmHg (ASTM F1862 Level 1 & 2); Flammability: Class 1 (16 CFR 1610); Differential Pressure: <5.0 mm H₂O/cm square (EN 14683:2019)


Open the pleats and pre-bend the nose piece in the middle. Place the mask on your face and pull the loops behind your ears. Press on the nose piece to tighten the fit. (The side with Pasión’s logo is the outer layer)


For external use only. Disposable. Do not reuse. Store in a cool and dry place. When use in discomfort or with breathing difficulties, stop using immediately. Suggested continuous usage: less than 8 hours.


50 pcs / box; Large box: 20 boxes of 1,000