Feel it & Love it

Feel The Protection And Restoring Power From Nature.

Pasión originated in Hong Kong, China. We are passionate about creating high-quality and affordable lifestyle cleansing products. Featuring innovative technology to create a range of natural yet effective formulations, our products are empowered by the pure ingredients from Australia. Aim to provide everyone adequate health and cleanliness protection for enriching comfort and beauty in our daily life. With our heart of caring the environment, we strive to contribute to sustainability by creating natural yet effective products with lower environmental impact.

Our Mission

Distribution by Sales Area

    • China60%
    • US10%
    • EU10%
    • Singapore5%
    • Malaysia5%
    • Other APAC Countries5%
    • Middle East5%

    Sales Analysis


    More than 3,000,000 pcs of products have been sold in APAC

    Trusted by more than 100 distribution partners

    More than 30 years experience
    parallax background

    Our Team

    Throughout the concept to product, we work out innovation together to transform imaginations to implementation. Pasión’s unique formulations are created by our professional cosmetic scientist at the laboratory in Hong Kong Science Park. For the production part, we work with the advanced and experienced manufacturer located in Mainland China and Hong Kong, which qualified to ISO standards. By working with all expertise in Pasión, from innovative thinking, research and development, sourcing and supply chain management, creative design to production, quality control and professional testing, we are so excited to launch a range of natural yet effective products with innovative ideas.


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