Pasión Home

Kyoto Ritual Fragrance Diffuser


Bring a more comfortable and pleasant atmosphere to your home.
Scent can change the atmosphere, making your home full of vitality, relaxation, comfortable, or even cleaner feeling, Pasión Home Fragrance Diffuser allows you to enjoy the time at home more.


Inspired by exquisite and elegant Japanese verses, just like merging the verses into the fragrance, blooming with the abundant fragrance of lotus, exuding powdery notes, the watery middle note delivers peaceful and soft feeling, and the musk undercurrent warmth the fragrance further, filling your home with gentle and elegant floral scents, soothe and relax your emotions.


  • Produced by French Perfumer
  • Safely & Effectively Perfumes Your Living Space with Fragrance
  • Comply with IFRA Standard
  • Long Lasting and Performing
  • Cost-effective